Our Manufactured Homes

Every day we make impulse decisions. Some are good, some are bad. When it comes to purchasing a new home, you cannot afford to make a poor decision. At Hall’s Manufactured Homes our experience and knowledge of the manufactured home business is second to none. We provide not only the best manufactured home money can buy. Hall's Manufactured Homes but also the best service.

Our Vision

Hall’s Manufactured Homes is a family business which  enjoys helping families design and purchase their new home. It is our goal to provide the best home, financing, and service in the business. At Hall’s we will be there for you and your family not only when you purchase your manufactured home home but for the many years to follow. Our dedication to honesty, integrity, and service is second to none.

The Hall's Manufactured
Homes Family

If you are going to purchase a home you need to know who you are buying from and what kind of people you will be dealing with. At Hall’s it is simple. They are truly a family business. The owners of Hall’s Manufactured Homes are Brian & Angela Duck. At any given time during normal business hours you can find one of the owners on site ready to meet your demands and fulfill your housing dreams. Brian brings an experienced business back ground, solid work ethic, and a B.S. degree from Florida State University. Brian implements these assets in the day to day business operations at Hall’s. Brian handles all financing, public relations, and advertising at Hall’s Manufactured Homes. Angela Duck well simply said keeps the ship right and makes sure it stays the course. They are involved with other key aspects of the day to day operations such as sales, service, accounts payable, accounts receivable and customer satisfaction. You know, all of the behind the scene’s stuff. Without her, Brian would be in trouble!!
Hall’s Manufactured Homes originated in 1996. They have won the Colquitt County Readers Choice Award 3 years running. Simply said Colquitt County knows that the Hall’s Family is second to none in the Manufactured Home business. Hall’s Manufactured Homes has not forgotten its community like Corporate America always seems to do. The Hall’s family has continually year after year given to all of South Georgia. It is there way of saying thank you for making them #1 !!!!
At Hall’s it is still families taking care of families. Corporate America forgot about that along time ago. Hall’s Manufactured Homes will continue to be nothing less than the best. Most important we will not forget to give all the praise and the glory to God!!! Without him we would have nothing!!!
So now that you now us come on down and make you and your family part of the Hall’s family!!!
So, give call us at 229-985-8885 , send us  e-mail or drop by Hall’s Manufactured Homes for a manufactured home and allow us to become a part of your family.

NMLS # 147966

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