Interes Rates are at an All Time Low!!!!

Have you realized just how low interest rates are today? Now is the time to make that new home purchase!!! We average obtaining 5.75% to 6.99% percent everyday for our customers who purchase land and home together. There are no excessive fee's. This is amazing!! Two years ago a consumer would of had to pay 6 to 8 points to obtain these rates on manufactured or modular housing. Unfortunately, some are still paying these points today. Many Retailers do not know how to work with a consumer to chose the best financing option for them and their family. Most often they go with the first approval they receive.

At Hall's we study the credit history, income ratio's, debt ratio's, and the requested payment of the consumer. After this is reviewed and a happy medium is established we proceed forward to obtaining the best suitable financing option for the consumer and their family. Again, rates are lower now than ever before. We have obtained home only rates as low as 6.25% percent. By taking the time to study the market and the lenders we assure our consumers the best possible outcome saving them thousands of dollars over the years to follow.

So, take the opportunity why the market is ready. However, make sure the loan suits your needs. Review RESPA docs and other loan docs before signing. Make sure the interest rate is the lowest possible without hidden fee's, points, and prepayment penalties!!

Good Luck and Happy Home Shopping!!!!

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